Tuesday, March 25, 2008


All grown up. The glasses just make her look too much like a big girl. Mimi, is that a large drink?

Are you awake Jared?

Now this is a girl who wants her grandmother to give her french fries back.

This was a busy weekend for us. Mom was in Washington for her dad's burial and Arlington National Cemetery. Maybe we will be able to post some pictures. We were looking at proofs of a large number of professionally taken pictures last night. It was very touching to see the elaborate ritual of folding and presenting the flag that draped the casket.

While Mom was in Washington, I was in New Braunfels with Brad and Shirley. We worked very hard and accomplished a lot. Being with them was great. We had dinner with Sue and Larry, too, and enjoyed sharing stories - mostly listening to stories from Larry. Funny. Brad, Shirley, and I talked afterward about how unique the friendship between Sue and Larry and our Mom and Dad was. Wouldn't we all like to have friends to share good times, laughs, and tears with over 30+ years?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missing Rachel

I was missing Rachel. I miss her sunshine. I have never known anyone with a sunnier disposition. It's hard to think of too many cases where she was brooding or sad. I'm proud of her for serving the Lord as a missionary with that same kind of joy and happiness. Then I stumbled across this picture of the life-size cut-out that she left for Todd. It made me smile.

Great Faces

We have the best baby faces in the world. Check these out.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

As I Remember It

Wonderful Young People

I spoke about receiving personal revelation one Sunday night about two weeks ago. These are some of our wonderful young people. Each of them is talented, sincerely faithful, and fun to be around. And, of course, the only one you can't see well is Jessi. My apologies to Tanner, the young man on the far left - I accidentally gave him a black eye getting acquainted with my photo editing tools.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Creating posts takes time, something we have very little of. But then, we enjoy what our family shares with us so much.

Janet and I went to New Braunfels this past weekend and worked on Grandma's house. Sue and Larry brought mattresses to the house and left them made up with linens and everything. It was nice to arrive Friday night to a bed. And then they came over Saturday morning and worked all day with us. Larry gave up when he had to go pick up their grandson, but Sue stayed until we took her home at 9PM. We really couldn't have finished what we did without them. We filled the bed of their pickup with bags of clothes from the master bedroom closet and took those to the women's shelter that Grandma tried to support. We sorted out a large pile for an eventual yard sale at Sue and Larry's place.

Mom and I got up Sunday morning and drove into San Antonio to attend sacrament meeting with Beth and Grandma Frazer. Eric was there, too. The testimony meeting had several tender moments. It was good to be there with Beth and Mom.

After church we went to see Phil's new apartment. It is great. He lives across the street from the historic King William district near downtown San Antonio. The apartment complex is reserved for elderly and disabled clients, so it is very quiet and perfect for Phil. The apartment is large and is on the ground floor. His front door is on a courtyard. Many of the residents have lived there for years, so there are live plants and flowers everywhere. He has a bedroom, bath, kitchen, living area, walk-in closet, and another storage room. He seems really happy to be in his own place.

We also had a chance to stop in and visit with Grandpa Kirk and Linda. We enjoyed the visit.

Next week I'll be in New Orleans all week for a meeting. Maybe I'll post some pictures from the river city.