Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some Truths to Ponder

President Monson has said, “During the last half century or so, there has been throughout the world a gradual but continual decline in many phases of life. We observe relationships without morality, science without humanity, knowledge without character, business without ethics, worship without sacrifice, pleasure without conscience, politics without principle, and wealth without works."

This says it all. May we all do our part to stand for what is true, moral, and human. The future of our families and our nation is founded on the same principles of ethics, conscience, character and work that our past was founded on. The legacy of our parents, their parents and all our ancestors that sacrificed so much for us to have the life we have today must live on in us for the sake of those that come after us.

Do SOMETHING today to preserve that foundation. Be an example, correct a misguided comment, write your congressman/woman, be informed, pay attention, tell the truth, sweat, live with courage and with confidence that there is a difference between Right and Wrong.

Recently, I finished a trilogy written in the 1940's by Conrad Richter. The Trees, The Fields and The Town follow an early pioneer family from Pennsyvania to the Ohio frontier at the turn of the 19th century. Beautifully written and historically accurate, these novels portray details of everyday life that people today would not believe. Blunt, sobering, uplifting but never melodramatic, Richter helps us appreciate the past and see our present with different eyes. These were my literal ancestors and he helped me realize, if they can triumph in the face of adversity, I can.

We love you all! Dad and I spoke in Sacrament meeting a week ago on Cleanliness and Obedience. The talks seemed well recieved and are available to email if anyone is interested. I know I learned a lot in my study and prep. and Dad's was really more about happiness and was super.

Carry on in all that is good and right. And smile, smile smile!