Monday, February 2, 2009

It's About Time

Much to the amazement of all, I'm sure, I have jumped on the blog bandwagon. Dad is time challenged these days and seems to enjoy Facebook much more, so I will be the new blogkeeper. I have so much in my head and heart to share but have resisted up til now because I don't want to seem self promoting, self centered, or self anything. I feel shy in a way, I guess. But since everyone seems so curious about what it is I actually DO all day with no kids at home and no job to go to, I thought I'd better attempt a clarification. Time is a gift to all of us. I have had an abundance of this gift for awhile and some days I use it well, others not so much. Blogging today has taken me 3 hours (part of why I haven't started before now). But its been fun and I look forward to connecting with the dear ones I love in a new way. I certainly don't want to waste your time with too many words. Already there are too many "I's" in this paragraph!

Our dear Aunt Alice has passed away. She was a delightful soul and we will miss her so much. We lost Grandma Margie, Jeff's mom and her only sister, a year ago last Oct., my dad last Jan., Jeff's Aunt Helen, his dad's sister, last week. With the loss of so many family members recently, time has taken on a whole new perspective.
It is fleeting, temporary, short. It also is a sweet gift if we use it wisely. Only in our relationships is life a treasure beyond price. Filled with the love of and for family and friends, life has meaning and joy. Sometimes, I wish I could turn back the clock and live life over knowing what time has taught me. The best I can do, though, is work on today. Treasure your today's. Embrace all that life offers, the trials of slow days and the sweetness of good days. Be kind. Be grateful. Its all good.

Until another day.