Monday, February 18, 2008

Catching Up

We have a bunch of pictures to share. We have had two opportunities to have grandkids visit, and we got some great shots. Katherine has her own distinct personality - sometimes a little on the moody side. The expression on her face is classic Katherine.

What beautiful women in our family. Erin didn't like her shiny forehead, but they are all lovely.

Cassidy decided to look glum, and Caroline is mostly interested in "her" stool. But Katherine and Jessi flashed beautiful smiles.

Cassidy is sweet and growing up fast.


The Gallands said...

The shine isn't even all that bad. Thanks for posting it little. I love you.

GuGarden said...

Hooray you ahve a blog! Now you actually have to post on it...I won't hold my breath.

Kirks said...

Janet! I am so excited you have a blog now too. So, we can show Peyton and keep up with you guys. We love you and miss you. Peyton loved looking at the pictures of her beautiful cousins.