Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Glory to God in the highest.

I love this season of the year. We were surprised to wake up Wednesday morning to snow! In southeast Texas! There were 3-4 inches on the yard and on the roof tops. It was gone by afternoon, although there are a few tiny patches that linger in shady places on Saturday morning. I wish it had been dark enough to turn on all of the Christmas lights in and under the snow.

House first thing in the morning under leaden skies.
Moose wasn't sure that he liked the snow. His legs are too short to keep his belly out of it.

Road to our neighborhood. If we move, this is something I will miss.

Under beautiful blue skies. Glorious.


Ethan and Anna said...

WOW!!!!! They forecast some snowflakes on Tuesday, but that much snow!!!! Not in California...;(

The Gallands said...

Beautiful! WE didn't have NEARLY that much here!

Kirks said...

That is so amazing. I cannot believe you got that much. We get that much here. Rusty will not even step foot out in the snow, but Penny runs around in it like a little kid. It is sooo fun!