Thursday, March 5, 2009

On the Move

It's really happening. We will be gone to Houston Sat., tomorrow. Packing is starting in earnest, garage sale is done, new furniture bought, utilities arranged, mail forwarded, insurance adjusted, Jessi's car window fixed after my "welcome to Houston" card was left by the vandal that stole my temple bag from the front seat. Jeff has been and returned from California this week while I stayed in the hotel tending shopping and moving details.
We have a townhome with 2 bedrooms and loft, so lots of room for visitors. Easy to find, too. So plan your trips. Address forthcoming in emails.
Got to get back to work. Talk to you again on the other side of chaos.
Isn't life just one grand adventure?
Love to all.


GuGarden said...

Is there another side to chaos? I don't think I'll ever get there. Lots of love!!

Betty said...

Hi Janet! This is Betty Odom from Woodville. It was so nice to see you in the temple last week though we didn't really get to talk.
Where in Houson are ya'll moving to? My son Heber and his wife are with her parents in Humble right now, but will be moving to south Houston - near MD Anderson. I have a blog too:
Good luck with the move and your new life in Houston!

LittleKirk said...

I can't believe you guys aren't home anymore. I remember feeling so out of place when we moved there. Now I can't imagine not being there, at "home." But I guess anywhere you guys are is home. Love and miss you!

The Gallands said...

So glad you're here- it will all settle down soon. I promise. Love you!

Jay and Lindy said...

Exciting! Now you'll need to post pictures when you're all settled.