Saturday, May 10, 2008

Isn't she lovely?

This is our baby, all grown up (well almost). Tonite is Prom. Then it will be recital, then graduation. She has a busy summer planned with High Adventure with the Stake Young Women at South Padre Island, snorkeling, sailing, etc. (w/parents, too, whoo hoo!) Youth Conference, EFY in Nauvoo in August and working making fresh pizza for the residents of Lumberton. Then, off to school with a future exciting and wonderful waiting for her. I hope that future is ready because she will take it with grace, joy, and passion. Her heart is honest and open, her mind quick and capable, her body strong and beautiful. With all her gifts, her one desire is to know and serve the Lord. Her example is humbling and inspires me to be better.

At 18, she is mature and childlike all at once. Mature in her understanding of the gospel and relationships, childlike in her humility and her playfulness. She is an affectionate and obedient child, willing to work and anxious to please. How will we live in a home empty of this shining light?

We will live proud and content, happy and full of expectation as we watch her life unfold. As we have with all of you. Each of you are a joy to us. We just bask in the beauty of the lives you have created for yourselves and continue to be in awe of all you are. Thank you for the gifts you have given us in your spouses and children. This Mother's Day, I want to pay tribute to the power you have had to make my experience as a mother such a satisfying, fulifilling and wonderful one. I truly have delighted in motherhood and will continue to do so for all eternity. Because of you.

Thank you thank you thank you


GuGarden said...

Go Jessi! She is everything I wish for my 18 year old self. She will be a force to be reckoned with.

The Gallands said...

You Rock Jessi! So beautiful and full of grace!