Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

So, the highlight of my day was making homemade buttermilk biscuits for Jessi and her two best buddies Laura and Paige. They are some of my favorite kids, too. Then I went to work on the yard, and came in late in the afternoon. Now I feel worse for wear. I used to not be such a wimp.

The same thing happened on Saturday past. We took the Scouts to the beach for a sprint triathlon - 300 yard swim, 10-mile bike ride, and 5k run. I had a great time, but by the time I finished cleaning the car and came in for a shower, I was done in for the day. I guess I need to work on my endurance.
Well, the word came today - Rachel is leaving the ABCs and headed back to PR. She'll have to brush up her Spanish and get back to work. She knew this might happen, but she definitely wasn't ready to leave Aruba. But that happens in missionary service. You go where you are called to serve and do what the Lord wants you to do - the best you can wherever you are asked to be.

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