Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home at Last

We visited the Joseph Smith Historical Site operated by the Community of Christ (formerly called The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The site includes the Nauvoo House (never finished or occupied during Joseph's life), the Smith family homestead (block house originally built in 1805 and already there when the saints arrived - doubled in size by Joseph Smith III for his family later), and the Mansion House which was operated by the family and others as a hotel. Emma lived in the Mansion House until she died in 1879.

The Red Brick Store contained an office that Joseph used and was the site for the creation of the Female Relief Society in 1842. The Community of Christ operates a gift shop on the first floor that is very nice - they sell really good cold root beer and other nice things.

Friday evening we sat in the Outdoor Theater to watch "Sunset by the Mississippi," a variety show put on by senior and young performing missionaries - a little corny, but a lot of fun. Great to see these elderly people singing and dancing and really having a good time. The EFY kids were all there for the show, so we got to see Jessi. The variety show was followed by Vocal Point, the BYU Men's Accapella chorus (9 guys). They put on a great show.

We drove home through Missouri and stopped for the night in North Little Rock, Arkansas. When I was putting luggage in the car this morning, I held the door for a lady, and it was Judy Roberson. We have known her, Ray, and their family for years. They were on their way to Indiana and just happened to stay the night in the same hotel. Is that amazing?

We got home about 7PM tonight, and it is good to be home where we can sleep in our own bed. I'm off to Houston Tuesday for one night, and have a lot to do this week. Then we are headed to Provo next Sunday afternoon after our stake conference. Wow, this feels like a busy month.


GuGarden said...

Glad you are home safe. How about seeing the Robersons? What a trip!

The Gallands said...

Glad to know you made it home safe and everyone had a great time! Love you~

Kirks said...

I wish we could have gone with you. I wish we could just see you guys at all. We miss you.

LittleKirk said...

Elder Holland was amazing for sure 8] It made me feel good that I knew all the stories he was telling! haha love you guys!