Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation to Nauvoo Aug 10-12, 2008

We just wish all of you were here with us. This is truly what the early saints called Nauvoo the Beautiful. The spirit here is peaceful and sweet. Jessi is having a wonderful time at EFY, and Mom and I are enjoying the time together. We attended the temple this morning and drank in the peace and tranquility of the beautifully restored building. I sat for some time in the celestial room of the temple with sun streaming in a window in my face. Mom and I ate on the patio of Zion's Mercantile across the street from the temple and had it all to ourselves. This afternoon we went to the Lands and Records building and got hundreds of pages of information related to Ormus Ephraim Bates, my great-great-grandfather. Ormus was married in the temple here in January, 1846, just before the saints abandoned Nauvoo and the lovely temple they had labored so hard to construct. His brothers and sisters owned or leased lots in the city and outside in Hancock County, Illinois. I'll share it all with anyone interested when we get back. I tagged the pictures in the slideshow I'm posting, but I'll have to explain some of them later. Love to all. See you soon.


GuGarden said...

Miss you guys so much. Wish we could enjoy Nauvoo with you.

The Gallands said...

It is beautiful! Wish we were there! Enjoy your trip!

Ethan and Anna said...

Well, all you have to go is google his name and you can find this!