Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time Slips By

Mom hasn't gotten into posting things, and I haven't found a lot of time. I feel like I should post pictures. That's what I enjoy most about the family's blogs. I love to see those pictures of the grandkids. But we just don't take a lot of pictures. Now that the nest is empty, we'd be taking pictures of each other mostly.

I found out yesterday that I will likely have a new work assignment effective December 1. I have no idea what that may be. The guy who is responsible for my "career" is in Virginia, and he assures me that it is something that he thinks I will like. What a tease. How about just talking it over with me? Oh well. I have learned to live with uncertainty and with the company bureaucracy. Silly as it sometimes seems, this is the way things are generally done.

We are marking time waiting for December and the opportunity to see all of the family in Mesa. I know a couple of the kids may not be able to come for financial reasons, but being with Brad and Shirley and all of their family and most of ours is going to be awesome. And we can't wait to welcome Kristi into our family circle.


The Gallands said...

I love when you post- pictures or not.

GuGarden said...

I second that. Also cannot wait to hang with the fam in Arizona. I miss you guys.

LittleKirk said...

Oh man! why was I not informed of the new work assignment dearest father?! does that mean we're moving?!! guuh

i love you guys. thanks for being so awesome the last two or so days.

GuGarden said...

I would take a half hour with you anyway, Dad. However, star gazing requires at least an hour (unless Jared and Ayla come along :) Love you!

LittleKirk said...

hey what it link the hero?

i think i've been told before but i dont remember!