Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wish We Could All Enjoy Fall Together

Southeast Texas is beautiful in the fall. The weather is perfect and the trees have begun to change. In the Big Thicket there are maples that turn a brilliant red. The tupelos (black gum) also turn red. American holly is putting on bright red berries for the winter. And, of course, the pines and magnolias are just the same. We went walking this morning in some light ground fog and enjoyed the chill in the air. Moose escaped shortly after we got home, so he is out in front of the house now annoying the neighbors.

I have to post this picture to prove that I sometimes have to perch on the edge of the bed. I was having one of those sleepless nights and had to take a picture. Janet never stirred - in spite of the brilliant flash. The picture doesn't do justice to positioning - which was basically right down the middle.

Following is a montage of pictures taken at Cassidy's 10th birthday.


LittleKirk said...

MAN alive! mom you have just gone crazy with making those beautiful arrangments!

and i cant BELIEVE Cassidy is ten already!? thats completely insane!

miss and love you both! hoping everything works out for thanksgiving.

GuGarden said...

I love your arrangements. They are the bomb. Also, like the birthday montage so cute. I can't believe you have grandchildren a decade old.

The Gallands said...

Love the flowers you crazy flower lady!

Can't beleive Cassidy is 10- and SOOOO awesome that you posted Juli's nose smashed against the glass.

Can't wait for thanksgiving. Love you both