Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mosiah 20

Just a thought about how we can sometimes deal with those who would be our enemies --

26 And when the Lamanites saw the people of Limhi, that they were without arms, they had compassion on them and were pacified towards them, and returned with their king in peace to their own land.

I have been in situations where I think I am in the right and have an enemy who is clearly in the wrong. There were practical considerations for Limhi and his people who were faced with overwhelming forces. But the principle here is that if we approach our enemy in humility and seek to promote understanding, there will be times when our humility overcomes their anger. Going into a discussion "without arms" with a relative or friend who has been alienated for some reason could soften hearts and lead to understanding. Instead of approaching people with a quiver full of justification and right, it is sometimes better lay down our arms,  listen to understand, and humbly ask for peace.

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