Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mosiah 9

17 Yea, in the strength of the Lord did we go forth to battle against the Lamanites; for I and my people did cry mightily to the Lord that he would deliver us out of the hands of our enemies, for we were awakened to a remembrance of the deliverance of our fathers.

As we face our enemies (sloth, worldliness, anger, procrastination, etc.), we should pray for the Lord's help and remember that the scriptures are full of examples of people being delivered from all kinds of opposition as they relied on the Lord and called on Him for aid. Maybe your enemy is chemistry, right Jessi? Prepare for war -- do all that is in your power to do, but then rely on Him who is mighty to save. I don't think it's too little to ask for the Lord's help with all things in our lives. He is ready to assist in all things (righteous things, of course) if we do our part and humbly ask for His help.

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