Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mosiah 22

1 AND now it came to pass that Ammon and king Limhi began to consult with the people how they should deliver themselves out of bondage; and even they did cause that all the people should gather themselves together; and this they did that they might have the voice of the people concerning the matter.

There is an old saying that two heads are better than one. The value of counseling in our councils is something every parent and church leader should learn. When the people of Limhi counseled together, they were able to determine that their only option was to leave their homes and flee. And the precise way they could escape their oppressors was given by a humble man who sought no office or glory for himself, but repeatedly stepped forward with courage in the right.

My best counselor is Janet. We learn things from our bishop, our stake president, and our general church leaders. We sit in church councils and learn from the men and women that comprise those councils. And I accept the counsel of my boss and the people who work for me. In all things, we are wise if we learn from others and listen to their counsel. Most importantly, we should counsel with God in prayer, seeking his guidance and direction for our lives.

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Rachel Chinn said...

you're so right dad, sometimes it's hard to accept it, for me anyway =) but thanks for reminding me of how I should behave, love you!