Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alma 51

There are always those who consider themselves superior - who believe that because of birth or family or some other circumstance they are entitled to power or authority or to be the elite. The warning of the Book of Mormon is that the idea that people are somehow better than their peers is ultimately destructive of liberty. When all men and women are alike and consider themselves children of God, they treat each other with respect and forbearance. In Alma 51, the people divide into "king-men" and "freemen" based on their support for equality under the law.

Moroni received authority to compel the king-men to fight the Lamanites or be imprisoned or killed. With that authority, he ended this rebellion:

 19 And it came to pass that there were four thousand of those adissenters who were hewn down by the sword; and those of their leaders who were not slain in battle were taken and bcast into prison, for there was no time for their trials at this period.
  20 And the remainder of those dissenters, rather than be smitten down to the earth by the sword, yielded to the standard of liberty, and were compelled to hoist the atitle of liberty upon their towers, and in their cities, and to take up arms in defence of their country.
  21 And thus Moroni put an end to those king-men, that there were not any known by the appellation of king-men; and thus he put an end to the stubbornness and the pride of those people who professed the blood of nobility; but they were brought down to humble themselves like unto their brethren, and to fight avaliantly for their freedom from bondage.

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